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Domestic Market

POLIFISH has established its sales and marketing network with distinguished companies acting with the same responsibility, with the awareness of the diligence and responsibility shown in every stage of the products until it reaches the final consumer. In this way, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir notably, we realize the sales of our products to all provinces of Turkey.

Polifish also supplies a variety of fish to the organizations such as hotels, hospitals and food factories that are located in various provinces of Turkey.

International Market

As a result of our efforts to bring the flavor of the Black Sea fish to the forefront in the world countries and to make it the preferred product, our products are sold to especially Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium and Italy in European Union and to USA, England, Japan, Indonesia, Georgia and Vietnam outside the European Union.
POLIFISH aim to become a sought-after brand with the continuous development, investment in people, quality and reliable production principles.